Car Accident Video in Malaysia

Seriously, do you ever involve in any accident by yourself?. I’m by myself ever involve in motorcycle and car accident. That’s happen nearly 7 years ago. I’m driving my motorcycle and follow my friend from behind. I never know that my friend intent to go straight but he himself using the left lane. Majority vehicle will use left lane if want to turn left on the road. My friend mistake is using left lane but do go straight. I follow from behind and accidental happen when a car want to turn left and he hit me by his car.

My motorcycle in “car accident” memories is not going well. My motorcycle broke, my body injured and have a blood stains everywhere. After that moment, I really aware carefully when drive vehicle on the road. The safety must be the first priority for a driver. When accident happen, we are not really able to avoid it but we still can minimal the crash and injuries by take the best step while driving.

Car Accident in Malaysia

Car Accident in Malaysia

Car Accidents in Malaysia

So how to handle a car accident? I’m by myself personally, if accident happen, we must ensure that there is a help from road user. If there is enough support from road user, we as a driver must continue drive our car to ensure there will not be traffic jam on the road. If traffic jam happen, it will make a worst scenario for accident scene for moving a victim to hospital.

1 week before when I’m using highway, I see car accidents in Malaysia. I will upload two Car Accident Video in Malaysia from myself. Negligent drivers and rainfall factor is a main factor in car accident (auto accident). The serious car accident happen everywhere if a vehicle driver still a not follow the law and rule. The government already put the “speed limit” to ensure the is no more fast limit at the certain area. But the car driver still not follow the law and accident happen. For me, majority accident happen from man attitudes.

This is important, if there is happen any serious car crashes or any vehicle accident, the first priority to help car owner repair their car is using insurance. The insurance car accident is really helpful at this time. They will cover the damage cost by total claim that have been made. If we not having our car covered by insurance, at the time accident happen, it will really burden our self to bear all the total cost to repair our car. So let have insurance and be a good driver to our future and our love bright family.

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