Free SoundHound Music Recognition App For Android

Free SoundHound Music Recognition App For Android

If you have ever had an earworm you can introduce can’t put a name to, the SoundHound music recognition app that even translates your humming can be just the sorcery you need. There’s now an Android version with a more tablet-centric design and tighter Google integration that brings streamlined sharing to Facebook, Twitter and a lot more, in accordance with the company. In addition it trumpeted a stronger relationship with digital music service Rdio, which added interactive music mapping to its SoundHounded track-linking abilities, allowing you to see others around the world with the same musical tastes and bad memory. You can grab it at Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore for Kindle, but when you’re as tone deaf as some of us, don’t forget the auto-tune.

During the design launch, SoundHound also deepens its relationship with Rdio, the digital music service. Rdio will be the launch partner for this new tablet in the US and continues as the featured partner for SoundHound’s interactive mapping feature which permits users to see what songs have been recently SoundHound’ed in their geographic area. Since launching in December with Rdio, interactive mapping has become perhaps one of the most popular SoundHound features as users can tap on a SoundHound’ed song displayed on the map and link straight to Rdio to listen to the full track.

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SoundHound Music and Audio Recognition App

Google Nexus tablet users can access the new design by updating their SoundHound app in the Google Play store while Kindle users are able to do the same via the Amazon Appstore. About SoundHound Inc. SoundHound Inc. is revolutionizing the way people interact with mobile phones by delivering innovative technologies and magical user experiences in sound recognition. SoundHound’s applications, SoundHound and Hound, are powered by the company’s breakthrough Sound2Sound technology, which has brought about numerous innovations which includes world’s fastest music and audio recognition, the world’s only viable singing and humming search, instant-response big time speech recognition systems, and automatic lyrics alignment.

So would you like to buy this tablet? That is pretty awesome, right? You can find it now at your gadget kiosk near your area.

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