The previous post I already mentioned that we as a blogger need to learn about the new method in blogging if we want to seriously getting traffic from Google search engine and survive from any changes by learning about Long Tail Keyword. I’m not talking about SEO, but I’m talking about using the proper keyword to dominate and rank well in Google search result. Is there are any different between SEO and Keyword? The answer is, there is not really different but in term of role, SEO and Keyword is using along to create optimizing website.

So now, we should focus on keyword research by utilizing long keyword that we called as long tail keyword. Nowadays it is really hard to dominate Google search engine if we use short keyword. It really hard to compete with higher pagerank website, high website authority and so on. So, is there have any ways for us to get traffic and rank well at Google search engine? Yes you still can have a big traffic and rank well in search engine by using long tail keyword. Long tail keyword is a best ways to dominate Google search engine now. Less compete and easy to rank your blog post.

Long Tail Pro Platinum Tools with Keyword Research Result

Long Tail Pro Platinum Tools with Keyword Research Result

Long Tail Pro Is The Best Keyword Research Tools

So how would you choose the right keyword to rank in Google? How do you know this is the right long tail keyword to be use in your blog post title. Of course you need the Keyword Research Tools such as Google Keyword Planner to help you. But you must know there is a limited in using Google Keyword Planner. So there, I suggest you to use Long Tail Pro software tools. This Long Tail Pro is recommend by many blogger and forumer. Long Tail Pro is still using data from Google but it have a ton extra function that really useful for you to dominate Google search engine and increase your blog traffic. 

Long Tail Pro Platinum Show Keyword Competition

Long Tail Pro Platinum Show Keyword Competition

Long Tail Pro Platinum Provide Keyword Competition Data

The main factor to have your keyword to rank well in Google search engine is you need the long tail keyword that have less competition but bring the high searches. I will explain it to you with the point below using Long Tail Pro Platinum search result;

1. Put your keyword base (at least 3 word or more)

2. Choose your keyword you want (from results), average CPC and Average KC (Keyword Competition)

3. Select keyword and look the data result and choose the lowest KC (Keyword Competition)

Basically Long Tail Pro Platinum show you the great result. It show keyword competition, page authority, page links, juice links, domain authority, Mozrank, pagerank and so on. So from there you know the data about top 10 website/blog that using the same keyword. You will analyst it and create the better post and quality article after that.

Tips To Get Higher Traffic and Make More Money Online With Long Tail Pro

If you target to make money online with Google Adsense for example.  You need to know that you need traffic. To get traffic you need your blog post article to rank well and appear at Google first page. To do that, you need using the better keyword with less competition by using long tail keyword.

Example 1. 

Use long tail keyword for blog title, choose keyword that have less keyword competition, high monthly search, high cost per click keyword (CPC), after that create your article with good SEO practice. It simple method but efficient. To do this, you need Long Tail Pro tools to help you. And after that you will see that your articles able to rank well, get constant traffic and Adsense revenue will rise along your blog traffic. Done. 

I love doing keyword research using Long Tail Pro platinum. It is not about make money online for me even though it have it. For me, doing the keyword research help me to choose the right keyword to make my website/blog able to survive in Google search engine algorithm changes. And important, It change my habit to create a better blog post and bring the quality content for my blog readers. Thanks Google..

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Keyword Research Tools by Long Tail Pro

Keyword Research Tools

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