Lehmann Aviation’s LA100: Recording From Sky

Lehmann Aviation’s LA100 – When I was young and aged 5 or 7 years, I am particularly interested in the world of aviation airplanes. I never aspired to be a pilot and fly a large aircraft in the air. However the awesome dream just only left because I did not qualify in terms of height. When I think back, it was so funny. Although I was not able to fulfill my dream I had sown since childhood, but my passion and love to the world of aviation has never been extinguished.

At home and my bedroom, it is decorated with a great model airplane. I’m trying to raise money to buy a model airplane. If teens are trying to raise money to buy a new gadget, I was not interested in buying a gadget, but I prefer to buy model aircraft and also play RC helicopter. As I grow older youth, I became interested in gadgets that shaped camera until my mother had presented me a camera from Nikon brand during my last birthday.

Lehmann Aviation’s LA100

Lehmann Aviation’s LA100 – image credit to http://tech.mikeshouts.com

Lehmann Aviation’s LA100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Recently I have found a gadget that is quite awesome! Originally I did not know what should be categorized for this gadget. Does it have to be called as a normal game of games or RC or advanced camera for monitoring? Gadget I mean is Lehmann Aviation‘s LA100, a combination of mini airplanes and recording camera. Previously you could only see every recording made by air performed by a cameraman with helicopter ride, right?

I believe the way to hire people and also the actual helicopter to make sure the recording would cost huge. With the advent of technology Lehmann Aviation’s LA100, you no longer need to pay for all that. This is because Lehmann Aviation’s LA100 can be owned for as low as USD1, 343.

Just imagine, if your college sporting activities or your brother making a wedding ceremony in a beautiful garden, you want to make a recording of all events through the air and keep it as beautiful memories in life.

Do you have lots of money to hire a cameraman and rent a helicopter to record the activity? Of course not, right? That is why the availability of sophisticated tools, named Lehmann Aviation’s LA100 is capable of helping you make a recording from the air with so professional. That the video recording is also very amazing and you can watch the recording itself through this video:


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